Best Fantasy Book Series

Terry Goodkind

Rating Must Read Author
Yes Terry Goodkind Website


Terry Goodkind is best known for his Sword of Truth series. He has a way of telling stories where the mechanics are simple, but the stories are vast and filled with unique and interesting situations. His books symbolize great Epic Fantasy, with young heroes, a wizard guide, a dark army of enemies, and a world in peril. For this reason, he is on our list of Must Read Authors.

Terry Goodkind’s greatest strength is keeping the story lines clean and constantly moving forward with action, conflict, and even a bit of romance and philosophy. The romance in Sword of Truth has a great twist (which I won’t reveal because it would be a spoiler) that makes the books more engaging than they otherwise would have been.

If you’re new to fantasy or have a friend that thinks fantasy books are too complicated we recommend the Sword of Truth series as a great starting point.


Book Series Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
Wizard's First Rule The Sword of Truth Yes 848 1995