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George R. R. Martin

Rating Must Read Author
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George R. R. Martin is the master of conflict. Intrigue, plotting, and conspiracies are just the tip of the iceberg in his A Song of Ice and Fire series. Battle between the armies of those who would be king help increase the tension and excitement of the series. 

Another of George R. R. Martin’s strengths is his ability to create characters that are loveable, hateable, or evoke some emotion in between. 

His greatest weakness is his inability to deliver new works in a timely fashion, but his completed works are still masterpieces of Epic Fantasy so we’re thankful for every word. 

We rank him as one of the best authors in the fantasy genre and is a Must Read author for serious readers.


Book Series Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
A Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire Yes 819 1996