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Mordantís Need


The first book in the Mordantís Need series, The Mirror of Her Dreams, is a story about a woman named Terisa, who is enticed through a mirror into another realm by an imager (Geraden). She finds herself in a medieval world full of scheming and court machinations.

We fully enjoyed this series. It is a fun read, where Geraden, an apprentice magician who uses mirrors to affect the world, mistakenly believes that Terisa, a woman from our world, must be a master imager. His whimsical ideas leave him with a low status in the court, which adds to the challenges Terisa faces. 

One thing that makes this book enjoyable is watching all the internal plotting inside the court while a threat is looming from an evil imager. It is somewhat reminiscent of George R. R. Martinís A Song of Ice and Fire (but on a much smaller scale). 

 Mordantís Need is a good solid fantasy read that has amusing undertones. Itís the only work by Stephen R. Donaldson you need to read.

Note: Weíve read both books in the series, but only rated the first one.

Series Details

Rating Must Read Series Complete
No Yes


Book Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
The Mirror of Her Dreams Mordantís Need Stephen R. Donaldson No 654 1986