Best Fantasy Book Series

The Sword of Truth


The Sword of Truth is where new readers to Epic Fantasy should start their journey. We also suggest this series for people who have tried reading fantasy, but were overwhelmed by the number of characters and multiple storylines common to books in the genre. This series allows readers to enjoy fantasy without the complexity found in other fantasy writing. 

Terry Goodkind wrote the Sword of Truth from just a few points of view. He introduces new characters and places throughout the travels of Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd, rather than using a common tactic in Epic Fantasy where disparate chapters introduce a new point of view from a different location (that later, must be brought together as the series progresses). This allows readers to wade slowly into the world the author has created and enjoy getting to know new people and cultures as part of the journey. 

The Sword of Truth tells a compelling story of young heroes (Richard and Kahlan) guided by an experienced wizard (Zedd) in an effort to turn back the dark forces bringing evil into the world. 

One fun thing about this series is that each book teaches us a new Wizard Rule. We get to learn the lessons taught to Richard by Zedd. The rules are often amusing and not quite what one would expect.

It makes our Must Read Series list because it follows all of the core Epic Fantasy tropes in an easy to read presentation. We think of The Sword of Truth series as the starter kit for new Epic Fantasy readers.

Please note: There are 10 books in the Sword of Truth Series. We've read them all, but only reviewed the first one so far. Nevertheless, we highly recommend the entire series.

Series Details

Rating Must Read Series Complete
Yes Yes


Book Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
Wizard's First Rule The Sword of Truth Terry Goodkind Yes 848 1995