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Chronicles of the Black Gate


Chronicles of the Black Gate is a series that is large in scope and developed within a well defined world. It has several plotlines that mostly focus on the plight of Lady Kyferin who is exiled into a land filled with demons and danger. Lady Kyferin’s daughter, knights, and magister serve as alternating points of view who tell the story from their own perspective. A longer series arc follows Tharok, a mountain kragh who has ambitions to overthrow the reign of humans in the world. The story is fairly fast paced, with plenty of conflict and action. 

We particularly liked the complex social and religious structures in the series. The Ascendent Empire is made up of several kingdoms connected by portals. Travel between kingdoms is limited as a means of enforcing the social status of each culture. To rise in social status a person must die and be reborn in another kingdom (based on the deeds from their prior life). The process is called Ascension, and adds an extra level of tension above the direct conflict between characters and factions.

Chronicles of the Black Gate is a thoroughly enjoyable Epic Fantasy series that has more than just a great story. It also contains beautiful prose and interesting philosophy. For that reason, the series makes our Must Read Fantasy Series list. 

Series Details

Rating Must Read Series Complete
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Book Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
Escape From Bythos Chronicles of the Black Gate Phil Tucker No 110 2016
The Path of Flames Chronicles of the Black Gate Phil Tucker Yes 387 2016