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Common Among Gods


The first book in the Common Among Gods series, Death’s Merchant, is about a war between the gods that is mostly played out in secret. Mortals are being used as pawns in the war. The current battle is a dispute over having a God of Death in the pantheon. Trin is a merchant that has been cursed by Fate to bring the God of Death into the world and she’s trying to find a way to break the curse. Jem is on a mission of revenge against those he believes have ruined his life. When Trin and Jem meet the story starts to unfold.

Death’s Merchant is complex and large in scope with several points of view and a large number of characters. It is a huge book with nearly 1300 pages, but never bogged down. We fully enjoyed the book, mostly for its humor and well-developed characters. Nice prose and a bit of philosophy got the series some extra points.

Death’s Merchant is a complex book that has a good pace and kept us laughing. For that reason, the Common Among Gods series makes our Must Read Fantasy Series list.

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Book Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
Death's Merchant Common Among Gods Justan Henner Yes 1278 2017