Best Fantasy Book Series

The Stormlight Archive


The Stormlight Archive is truly epic in scope. The first book in the series, The Way of Kings, is 387,000 words and merely sets the stakes for the world and defines the initial factions who are at war or plotting against each other. The series plot points to an impending Desolation which will be inflicted on the world by Voidbringers. When it came in the past the Desolation wiped out 90% of humanity. When it comes again, humanity must be unified or they will be destroyed. Unfortunately, the planet is at war and even the kingdom of Alethkar is full of political infighting. 

The series is set in a fascinating world where much of it is a wet and rocky landscape with flora that feeds in the aftermath of high-storms and retracts between storms or when threatened by humans. The fauna is composed of crustacean-like creatures that give the world the same feel as a tide pool.

The Stormlight Archive makes our Must Read Series list because it represents the best features of Epic Fantasy with unique magic systems, an intriguing world, and robust characters who wax philosophical. We highly recommend it.

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Rating Must Read Series Complete
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Book Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
The Way of Kings The Stormlight Archive Brandon Sanderson Yes 607 2010