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The Broken Empire


The Broken Empire follows the life of Jorg Ancrath -- son of the king -- who, as a child, suffered the traumatic experience of seeing his mother and brother murdered, and he himself left to die snagged in a briar patch. The experience leaves him full of hate and rage for Count Renar (the murderer of his mother and brother) and other leaders of the Kingdom. Instead of returning to his father, Jorg turns to a life of vengeance.

The Broken Empire as a series is much better than each of its individual books. After reading the first book in the series (Prince of Thorns) the reader is left with the feeling that someone forced Mark Lawrence to stop the story at an unsatisfying point and write an alternate ending. However, when finishing the final book in the series (Emperor of Thorns) readers will know they’ve read an excellent work of fantasy from a unique perspective that culminates in a wonderfully dark ending.

Note: We’ve read all three books in the series, but only reviewed the first.

Series Details

Rating Must Read Series Complete
No Yes


Book Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
Prince of Thorns The Broken Empire Mark Lawrence No 389 2011