Best Fantasy Book Series

Must Read Fantasy Book Series

If you're new to fantasy and want to know where to start, this is the list for you. The must read series list contains works that define the fantasy genre or add to it in some way. You'll find a wide range of styles in this list ranging from epic fantasy to paranormal romance. What matters most to us is character development, unique magic, the imaginary worlds built, and conflict so those are the types of books you'll find here. Works that go even further with unique and interesting writing styles or new ideas make this list too.

Series Name Rating Must Read Series Complete
The Wheel of Time Yes Yes
Malazan Book of the Fallen Yes Yes
The Sword of Truth Yes Yes
Common Among Gods Yes No
Abigail Cobble Trilogy Yes No
Chronicles of the Black Gate Yes No
The Stormlight Archive Yes No
The Farseer Trilogy Yes Yes
A Song of Ice and Fire Yes No
The DeathSpeaker Codex Yes No