Best Fantasy Book Series

The Mirror of Her Dreams


The Mirror of Her Dreams is an enjoyable read that follows Terisa, a woman who lives a vacant life that changes when a mirror magician named Geraden convinces her that she is needed to save his world. 

Geraden, is only an apprentice and he has many ideas that his masters find nonsensical. His recruitment of Terisa to save the kingdom reinforces the masterís belief that Geraden is a foolish young man. This makes for some fun situations and adds to the challenges that Terisa and Geraden face. 

We like the fact that Geradenís low status and the masterís belief that people brought through a mirror didnít exist in another realm (but were created from the mirror), causes confusion in the court. It adds an extra layer to normal court intrigue. 

The Mirror of Her Dreams is a fun fantasy read that has some unique philosophical ideas that are explored in an entertaining way. 


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
Mordantís Need Stephen R. Donaldson No 654 1986




Sword and Sorcery


Witches and Wizards