Best Fantasy Book Series

The Eye of the World


The Eye of the World follows Rand (and four of his friends) as they leave their small village with two strangers (Moiraine and Lan) who offer to show them the larger world. Moiraine suspects that Rand or one of his friends is the Dragon Reborn, who her sect of Aes Sedai deem to be a threat to the world.

The thing we liked most about The Eye of the World is the tension created by wondering if Moiraine and Lan are helping or hurting the group of friends. In addition, each member of the group has their own aspirations, which adds even more tension and conflict to the individual stories.

Another thing we liked was the humor and philosophy from both the narrator and situations the characters found themselves in. This gives the book extra philosophy points that serve as a countermeasure against docked story points due to the ending (see below).

The most disappointing part of the book was the ending. The final fight scene was written in a style that was disjointed and confusing. All of us at Best Fantasy Book Series had the same response (which was “Did you get what happened at the end?” -- “No. Did you?”).  After a second reading of the book, most of us understood a bit more, but still the ending was confusing. 

The Eye of the World is a fantastic read that will start you on your way to one of the very best Epic Fantasy series we’ve read. This makes it a Must Read book.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
The Wheel of Time Robert Jordan Yes 832 1990






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