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Dragon’s Trail


Dragon’s Trail by Joseph Malik is a good solid fantasy book that we enjoyed. It follows two men who have traveled through a portal on a quest to save a kingdom on another world. The opposing kingdom has enlisted the support of an evil wizard who lived part of his life on Earth. The setup of opposing forces who have knowledge of today’s world going to a world that is still in its medieval period was interesting enough to score extra plot points.

I found the first half of the book a bit slow going, but not off putting. The amount of detail provided for different types of swords, armor, etc. slows down the action. In addition, much of the backstory is told in dialogue rather than scenes. However, the story was interesting enough that I didn’t even think of putting the book down. I was pleased that the second half of the book runs at a much faster pace with plenty of intrigue and action.

One extra in this book was the humor. Most of it was sarcastic in tone and added to the main character’s personality. Here’s an example: “Fall in love with a telepath. Let me know how that goes for you.”

On the down side, the omniscient narrator head hopped a bit and wasn’t sure how much he should know. One instance in particular, is when a wizard from a medieval world visits earth and he stops at a “police barrier” and its “flashing lamp”. In this instance, the narrator knows what a police barrier is, but not a flashing light. Then, just a few paragraphs later, he talks about people moving out of the way of a “mechanical animal” working its way up a street. 

This book was fairly clean in the editing department, however, there were several instances where a sentence was split by either a dialogue tag or action then followed by improper capitalization. Not a big deal, but grammar loses a point for the distractions. 

Overall, Dragon’s Trail is a well written and solid fantasy book that I enjoyed. Readers of Science Fiction or Historical Fiction will find all of the details an added bonus to a fun story. This book gives us an example of an indie author who should have a nice career ahead of him if he sticks with it.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
The Outworlders Joseph Malik No 470 2016




Sword and Sorcery


Witches and Wizards