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Enchantress follows the early adulthood of two siblings, Ella and Miro. Ella is training to be an Enchantress, and Miro, a bladesinger. They are thrown into a rebellion within the empire and must use their newfound skills to repel the evil Blackguard.

The thing we liked best about Enchantress was the world and overall plot, which was told from multiple storylines. The story is set in an interesting world where different forms of magic are hoarded and controlled by single houses within the empire. The magic system is based on runes inscribed in objects which are activated by code words. This allows for automated devices similar to robots, air balloons, and enhanced swords and armor.

Another plus for the book are the training scenes that are realistic. The swordsmen being trained have real risk that often ends with blood and broken bones. 

We always enjoy bits of philosophy we find in fantasy books. Enchantress didn’t disappoint. It gets extra points from quotes like this: Every time history repeats itself, the price goes up.

The biggest disappointment in the book came from Ella’s storyline. It contains several forced situations that leaves the reader wondering if Ella is smart or stupid. In other scenes, you’ll wonder if she can do magic or not. Ella’s motivation and allegiance also seems to change on a whim depending on what the author needs her to do in order to push the story forward. This one storyline resulted in several points docked from the story. One egregious example is where the author needs Ella defenseless. Her magic is based on runes inscribed in objects, one of which is her dress that can burn people who touch her. While she’s on lookout for the bad guy she suddenly decides to take off her clothes and take a bath in a nearby lake. I’m sure you can guess what happens next. 

The book did have a few distractions that caused us to dock both a prose and grammar point. The first problem came from sentences that show up out of nowhere that have nothing to do with the context of the current scene. This results in abrupt changes in topic or a character’s internal monologue. The second was editing problems where we say missing punctuation, periods in the middle of a sentence, and extra words in sentences.

Enchantress is a fun story set in an interesting fantasy world with a unique magic system. Unfortunately, Ella’s storyline is so forced we had to dock some points. However, the book is saved by the other storylines, an interesting world, and a unique magic system. Even with its faults, we enjoyed it enough to rate it as very good.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
The Evermen Saga James Maxwell No 626 2014






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