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The Shaman’s Curse


The Shaman’s Curse is the story of Vatar, who loses a friend in a flash flood. The friend’s father is a powerful shaman who wants revenge for his son’s death. The leaves Vatar navigating tribal politics while coming into manhood. 

The Shaman’s Curse is a good story that is dragged down by simplistic writing and poor character building. Many of the characters had little or no motivation for their actions and opinions. It felt like the author needed something to happen so she’d serve us a scene that causes one of the characters to make a life changing decision (which caused the character to act out of character). For example, a woman who has been taught all her life that it is her responsibility, as a woman, to avoid having children until the marriage has passed two winters fails to take birth control because a healer offended her (and it wasn’t even her own healer -- it was a some random guy in the corridor). Seriously? 

I struggled with the wording of many sentences. The word choice was often odd or didn’t convey the proper meaning. It slowed down the reading due to having to reread sentences to understand them. Here’s an example where Vatar (the main character) is looking at a city as he crests a hill: “He had an impression of large buildings of wood or stone…”  Does he see the city or is he imagining it? It left me confused.

The story was cute enough to keep me reading to the end, but wasn’t that satisfying when I got there. The book is just below what we’d consider “good” so we recommend that you skip it.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
Dual Magics Meredith Mansfield No 343 2014


Young Adults and Teenagers


Coming of Age