Best Fantasy Book Series

Eye of the Storm


Eye of the storm is the story of Anna Fayne and Eric Slade who set off on an expedition to study Neanderthals and get pulled through a portal into another world.

The book has a slow start with members of the expedition gathered in a conference room with introductions going around. But, if you stick with it you’ll get a good solid portal fantasy book that blends in history and science fiction. 

The book is carried by a mix of past, present, and future in an interesting world that puts forward the idea that magic is simply advanced technology. We enjoyed the world construction that had species from different worlds and dimensions mixed with species from earth pulled throughout history through the portal. Neanderthals are mixed with Etruscans and, of course, people from recent history. 

There were a few grammar errors in the book that were mostly incorrect words. For example, in one spot we get this phrase, “she gathered himself”. There weren’t enough to dock more than a point in the grammar category, however, so the book is fairly clean and well written.

Eye of the Storm is solid portal fantasy with a mix of history and science fiction. We enjoyed it and think you will to.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
Stand Alone Book Frank Cavallo No 402 2016




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