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The Wolf of the North


The Wolf of the North tells the story of the early life of Wulfric, who becomes a Warrior for his village at an early age. His story is one of challenge and opposition from others in his village.

Our first warning about this book is that it makes a promise in the prologue that isn’t met. We don’t like authors making promises and not keeping them. Here’s a quote from the narrator who poses as a story teller at an inn: “Wulfric – Ulfyr the Bloody, Wolf of the North. When he arrived, the two of them would create its ending in blood and steel and flame.”

The book promises that the narrator and Wulfric will create the end of the story with blood, steel, and flame. But it doesn’t even get close to that part of the story. I’m suspecting the author cut the book into pieces (ending on a cliffhanger) in an effort to sell more books.

Now, on to the review. 

We found The Wolf of the North an enjoyable story. We especially liked Wulfric’s trials and tribulations and the way he overcame them. Duncan Hamilton does a good job of showing Wulfric’s magical powers manifesting themselves slowly. This allows Wulfric to grow into them, rather than having the reader suffer an instant super hero.

Another thing that was well done was the narration style. The prologue starts with a Maisterspeaker (story teller) telling a story at an inn. Then it cuts to the real story from Wulfric’s and other character’s perspectives. At critical points in the story the Maisterspeaker comes back and give a bit of insight, which, to us, was a nice touch.

On the downside, there were a few too many clichés for our liking, which caused us to deduct a prose point. Examples: “pick his brains”, “hanging over her like a dark cloud”, “dead centre”, “white as fresh snow”, and more.

Overall, The Wolf of the North is a good story that has a disappointing ending. The story we were promised was only partially given. We recommend you skip this book until the entire series is complete.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
The Wolf of the North Duncan M. Hamilton No 326 2016


Young Adults and Teenagers


Norse and Viking


Witches and Wizards