Best Fantasy Book Series

A Feral Darkness


A Feral Darkness is supposedly about a young girl, Brenna, who prays to a Celtic god and “leaves an opening for a much more malevolent force.” Unfortunately, that hook, which enticed me to pick up the book was bogged down by bland prose and too much detail about dogs and grooming.

As a work of fantasy, A Feral Darkness has a very slow start. By the second chapter, I found myself skimming in an attempt to find something that advanced the story. As a reader, I felt deluged by details that had little relevance to the story. When I found tidbits that advanced the plot, they read more like a horror movie script than dark or urban fantasy. I made it ten percent of the way into the book, but just couldn’t continue due to boredom.

If you’re a dog lover or a pet groomer this book may appeal to you. If you’re a reader of fantasy I’d avoid this one.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
A Feral Darkness Doranna Durgin No 356 2013






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