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The King's Peace


The King’s Peace tells the story of Nathaniel, a thief, who is recruited by officials of the kingdom to travel with a band of soldiers on a rescue mission of the heir to the throne. What Nathaniel doesn’t know is that his mission has consequences far beyond the kingdom.

The King’s Peace is a good story that feels vast in scope, but told mostly from the smaller perspective of a handful of individuals. I enjoyed the feel of the large scope in the first chapter that transitions to a personal feel in the next chapter (and most of the rest of the book). 

Unfortunately, the story is marred by a plethora of punctuation and grammar errors. In fact, this book had more errors than any we’ve read to date. As a result, he gets no points in the grammar section. To put it bluntly, Kevin Hammond needs an editor.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the story and much of the philosophy in the book. Here are some examples of the philosophy as examples.
“Wisdom, they say, is in knowing when to be kind and when to be cruel.”
“The wise man, they said, should take his fill through the day for the morrow might not come. And many were out to lay their hands on what they could have, should have, and might never live to love.”
“It is better to trust the quality of a man by his loyalty to his fellows than the weight of his purse.”

Another thing that the author did well was creating sympathetic and relatable characters. This made switching point of view comfortable to the reader. 

Overall, I liked what Kevin Hammond was trying to accomplish with the large scope and close story, but it didn’t quite hit the mark. When the large scope returns at the end of the book it was so far removed from the smaller story that I didn’t remember which gods were which without a look back at the first chapter.

So, The King’s Peace has a good idea, good story, some philosophy, but way too many grammar errors. We suggest that you read the full “look inside” before purchasing this book. You need to make sure you can make it through the errors.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
The Dark and the White Kevin Hammond No 230 2013




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