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The Ghost Princess


The Ghost Princess follows the story of Katrina Lamont who is running from her past. Unfortunately, she gets dragged into a quest to keep a dark mage from rising to rule the world.

The thing we liked best about The Ghost Princess was the humor. The book is a fun read that has dark overtones. It is filled with all types of humor, from dark to slapstick to satire that will make you smile. Here’s some satire that we particularly enjoyed. “Here they all were, random strangers that had nothing to do with one another, all drawn together because a long time ago, some old coot declared at a certain place, during a certain time, if a certain woman was killed in a certain way, something would happen.”

The second-best thing about the book were a couple of the characters that were both fun and flawed. Our favorites were the unknown narrator in the prologue and Krutch Leeroy.

The prologue is written in first person with a unique character voice. He’s a psychopath you can love. His casual cruelty defines him for the reader very quickly. Here’s a quote so you can see what we mean: “By the time the life faded from his eyes, I was digging through his torso like I was rummaging for treasure.”

Krutch Leeroy is a reluctant bad guy. He’s been cursed in such a way that everyone believes he’s a master pirate and has committed outrageous crimes. He is a great character who is dragged into the plot because of the curse.

The Ghost Princess has an underlying theme of fate vs. free will that we found interesting. Extra points in the philosophy category. Here’s a quote on the subject that we enjoyed. “It’s also easy to say that when you get to be the messenger who delivers the great and noble destinies. You get to wait on the outside and watch, and if everything turns to shit, you just find another prophecy to fulfill. Another destiny to ensure. What happens to the ‘chosen ones’ when they aren’t so ‘chosen’ anymore?”

The Ghost Princess is a fun read filled with both humor and philosophy. We enjoyed the book and think you will too.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
Graylands M. Walsh No 326 2015




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