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The Call of the Crown


The Call of the Crown has two major story lines. The first is about Gialyn, an 18 year-old who embarks on a journey to the capital city with his father, only to find that he has a larger destiny. The second major story line follow a young girl named Brea who is a guardian of dragons and is preparing for a looming war.

One of the things I enjoyed about The Call of the Crown was that it had good pacing. T. J. Garrett intermixes action, internal thought, and back story in a way that keeps the book moving forward at a nice pace. There were only a few places that I felt the story was dragging. One thing that slowed the story down was the authorís lengthy descriptions of the surroundings. After two full pages it starts to wear on me, then I start skimming. Instead of giving a long description at the beginning of chapters and scenes, the author would better serve his readers by sprinkling the environment within the things that are happening.

I also liked the strong character building. It was very clean and straightforward with each character owning a unique personality. The only complaint I had with the characters was that some of them seemed immature. Gialyn, for example, is 18 years old, but his dialogue often reads like a 14 year-old.

Another small issue was with the action scenes. They were often confusing because the point of view character was trying to observe every other character at once. People in real life canít see everything thatís happening all at once, and neither can a reader, so the jump from watching one person to the next was jarring. 

The biggest problem I had with the book was the grammar errors. This would have been a good solid fantasy read if it werenít for all of the grammar and spelling errors. Itís still a good book, but be prepared for distractions from the messed up sentences.
The author did a good job of weaving the individual stories together in a way that pointed to the end of the book -- or what I thought would be the end, but the story only got part way there. The end of this book is much like the end of Fellowship of the Ring (Lord of the Ring series) where all of the major players are introduced, the stakes are set, weíve seen some action, and now itís time for the quest. For me it was a bit lacking, but not enough that the plot and story were docked any points. Our recommendation is that you get the boxed set rather than buying the individual books.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
The Dragon Oracles T. J. Garrett No 494 2014




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