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The Way of Kings


The Way of Kings is set in the kingdom of Alethkar who is at war with the Parshendi people that resulted from the assassination Alethkar’s king. It follows the lives of a slave, a scholar, and a highprince of the kingdom. Each of them have their own struggles, but the cosmere has other plans for them. 
The thing that stands out in Brandon Sanderson’s writing is how much I was pulled forward in the book by anticipation. Brandon Sanderson gives enough information that I was looking forward to how and when something would be resolved (no spoilers) rather than wondering what would happen next. The book also had enough mystery to keep me curious.

Another thing I especially liked about the The Way of Kings was the sprinkled bits of philosophy. To me this adds an extra layer for the world that Brandon Sanderson has created.

On the downside, some of the mystery wasn’t well defined which resulted in the last several chapters of the book read like explanations of who’s who and who’s fighting who (defining the factions, defining the long term series enemies, etc.). I would have preferred the spread slowly throughout the book.

The ebook version that I read only had a handful of grammar errors, but had one reoccurring formatting error that was distracting and often confusing. It occurred on sentences that had a single quote followed by a space, then a double quote. The double quote at the end of the sentence was an opening quote (when it should have been a closing quote). This made it look like dialogue was starting when it wasn’t. This resulted in one less point in the grammar category.

The Way of Kings contains all of the elements of Epic Fantasy that we love. It is set in a fascinating world, with unique magic, and well developed characters. For these reasons it makes our Must Read Fantasy Book list.


Series Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
The Stormlight Archive Brandon Sanderson Yes 607 2010






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