Best Fantasy Book Series

Worst Fantasy Books

To make this list a book has to fail in one big way or several small ways. The most common big way is an incomplete book. We'll accept a book that has inconsistent grammar or formatting errors as long as it has a good story. But, we can't abide a book that's been chopped up for marketing or other purposes not related to telling a great story. We can't give any points for the plot when the book doesn't have an ending.

The small ways a book can fail are poor character development, inconsistent magic, a boring story, a plot we can't figure out, or lots and lots of grammar or formatting mistakes. To be rated as part of the worst fantasy books an author has made repeated mistakes in several places throughout the work.

Book Series Series Book Number Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
Monoland Into the Gray Horizon Stand Alone Book 1 E. A. Minin No 171 2017
Lord Foulís Bane The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever 1 Stephen R. Donaldson No 272 1977
A Feral Darkness A Feral Darkness 1 Doranna Durgin No 356 2013
The Tattered Banner Society of the Sword 1 Duncan M. Hamilton No 374 2013
The Sword of Shannara The Sword of Shannara Trilogy 1 Terry Brooks No 736 1977
The Shamanís Curse Dual Magics 1 Meredith Mansfield No 343 2014
Broken Realms The Chronicles of Mara Lantern 1 D. W. Moneypenny No 310 2014